"Be Kind" fan challenge with Adobe entry

Short video entry using Adobe video tools on how you’re bringing kindness to the world.
Adobe Challenge • Be Kind


Trailer for

Documentary short

on the annual Oakland Youth Poets Laureate

Short mash-up of contestants pieces from the 2015 Oakland Youth Poet Laureate award ceremony, powered by
Oakland Youth Poets

Fiction short about a

Filipino elder who arrives

with a "Balikbayan" box

for his family

A Filipino migrant family living in the San Francisco Bay Area welcomes an elderly relative from the Philippines.
Lolo's Present

Stop-Motion animation

with modeling clay

and found objects

San Francisco's CHILDREN'S CREATIVITY MUSEUM (formerly Zeum) introduces its new brand through characters who rally to announce their presence to the world.  The animation crew (mostly teen interns) debut with their first hands-on production of 2011.

Animation of Corona-virus

speaking on the airwaves

With sound bytes from a sitting United States President, a Corona virus-looking character goes on the air to make an announcement.
The Impostor

University of California Scout

Advanced Placement online courses

trailer on U.S. Government & Politics

University of California Scout's trailer for Advanced Placement U.S. Government & Politics
U.S. Government & Politics University of California Scout

Explainer on using the

two-column script in producing short-form videos

Explainer on Uniform Circular Motion using a two-column script
What Goes Around

Documentary short

about the singing dried-fish vendors

on the island province of Leyte

in the Philippines

On the Philippine island province of Leyte, market day shifts from town to town where locals flock to get their basic needs. Among a few of the dried fish vendors, wares are sold using the rhythm of the songs they sing.
Selling Songs

Documentary short

on neighborhood puppeteers

and their spin on Halloween

Breakdown from script to final short-form video.
Driveway Follies

Documentary short

about friends who put

a solar-powered device

into flight

Friends who share their passion for aerospace, come together to launch a probe into the skies on a shoestring budget. Luis Carrio', Guilhem Lacaze, Kevin Macko and Alex Price take us behind the scenes as they anxiously look forward to launching their latest creation into the heavens.

Documentary short

on the Empanadas

of Vigan, Ilocos Sur

in the Philippines

Vigan is a Philippine heritage colonial city eight hours north of Manila by land, famous not only for its architecture and horse carriages but also Empanada, a delicacy inspired by Spain. This short is dedicated to Cesar Hernando, Film Director, Production Designer, Teacher and Friend who passed away in the Philippines on May 8, 2019.
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