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Image by Allison Saeng

About EliCreates

From creating art to inspiring others' creativity, my journey has been a blend of passion and purpose.


As the founder and producer of EliCreates, I've had the privilege of producing content across various platforms through the power of visuals. My work encompasses web, print, and event production, aiming to educate and entertain audiences through captivating visuals.


Some of my proudest moments include receiving an award for a short documentary, winning the grand prize in a national art competition, producing educational online videos, facilitating art classes, designing icons, capturing wedding moments, illustrating comics, and sketching fast faces of people at parties. These milestones represent just a fraction of my creative endeavors.


But what truly excites me is the prospect of what we can create together. Whether it's bringing ideas to life, collaborating on projects, or simply sharing our love for art, I believe in the transformative power of creativity.


So, let's embark on this journey of discovery, imagination, and limitless possibilities. Together, we can create something extraordinary.

Eli Africa

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